• Latest contracts point to a 30% increase in sales on 2019, guaranteeing continued business for 2020 and 2021
  • Projects completed in 2019 included a tuna vessel for Echebastar, a ‘shadow boat’ for a luxury yacht, a ferry for Mar de Ons and two patrol boats
  • Oliver Design are also continuing work on a range of projects: a cruise ship for Scotland; ferries for French Polynesia and the Balearic Islands; a tug for Ibaizabal; a salmon vessel for a Norwegian firm; two further shadow boats; a range of alterations for Brittany Ferries and development of a sustainable cruise ship, the ‘Ecoship’

Getxo. 15 January, 2020

Spanish naval design and architecture firm Oliver Design has got the new year off to an excellent start: End-of-year figures show a 30% increase in orders, with new contracts guaranteeing plenty of work for at least the next two years. The stats confirm a gradual recovery in business in recent years, with the firm now operating at similar levels to the pre-2008 period.

Oliver Design ended 2019 with a very healthy balance sheet. Highlights for the year included designs for the latest-generation tuna vessel  ‘Aterpe Alai’, built at the Zamakona shipyard for Spanish shipowner Echebastar (Bermeo); a sophisticated shadow boat (service vessel for a super luxury yacht) ‘Hodor’, built at the Armón shipyard in Burela; the fast ferry ‘Mar de Cíes’, also being made at Armón,  for Mar de Ons, a shipping line operating in the rías of Galicia (Spain); and two patrol vessels, the first built in Freire for the Kuwaiti Fishing Ministry and the second at Armón for the Spanish Civil Guard’s Maritime Service. Last year also saw the launch of the ‘Scenic Eclipse’, a luxury discovery cruise ship fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, for which Oliver Design was involved in the architectural design.

Projects currently underway include interior design and outfitting for ten very varied types of vessel:

  • A small luxury cruise ship, the ‘Lord of the Highlands’, which will operate in the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides Isles. The former Turkish passenger vessel has been refurbished in Vigo, Spain.
  • A RORO ferry, the ‘Terevau Piti’, currently under construction at the Armón shipyard in Vigo, which will operate  routes between the islands of French Polynesia.
  • Baleària’s new eco-efficient ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’, the world’s first smart fast ferry to be powered by liquid natural gas, now under construction at the Armón shipyard in Gijón, which will operate in the Balearic Islands.
  • A 28-metre tug, the ‘Ibaizabal Quince’ for Ibaizabal, built at Murueta shipyards and now at the final outfitting phase.
  • A Life fish carrier vessel, the ‘Kristoffer Tronds’, which will transport live fish. The vessel is also being built at Murueta for a Norwegian shipowner.
  • Two new shadow boats (support vessels for luxury yachts), which like the ‘Hodor’ have been commissioned to the Armón shipyard in Burela (Lugo).
  • A range of alterations to Brittany Ferries vessels, currently being carried out at Astander shipyard  in Santander.
  • And a new phase in architectural design of the ‘Ecoship’, which, when completed, will be the world’s most eco-friendly cruise ship, commissioned by the Japanese NGO Peace Boat.

In addition to these projects, Oliver Design is also at an advanced stage of negotiations for new contracts including design of a new ocean cruise ship for a Spanish company, and conversion of a 90-metre motor yacht.

The firm is facing into 2020 and 2021 with excellent prospects. These good business figures are the result of a diversification strategy which has enabled Oliver Design to take on a wide range of services on all types of vessel on commission from shipowners and shipyards alike. The firm can handle turnkey projects  at different locations, meeting the agreed delivery periods.