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The 168-metre (551 ft) mega-cruise yacht, with a 21.5-metre (70.5 ft) beam, will include the latest innovations in naval design and technology for exploration in extreme environments, such as the Arctic and Antarctic coasts and the seabed

Oliver Design’s task has been to develop an attractive external design for the vessel, together with an architectural design providing all the necessary spaces for the super-luxury cruiser to operate in optimum conditions. The works have been developed in close cooperation with the Scenic Team.

The magnificence of the ship’s 114 suites is complemented with features including two helicopters, a seven-seater submarine, Zodiacs, diving equipment and kayaks which will allow passengers to discover the destinations and the seabed from close up

OLIVER DESIGN, a company specialising in naval design and architecture with Head Offices in Getxo (Bizkaia), has won a contract from cruiser operator Scenic Cruises to develop the architectural design and exterior styling of the “Scenic Eclipse”, the world’s most sophisticated luxury vessel. The Spanish company, based in the Basque Country, has cooperate with Scenic Design Team and Foreship engineering is such an  iconic project, which will redefine the concept of the cruiser, combining the opulence of a first class cruise with a chance to discover almost virgin landscapes and extreme natural environments, including the Arctic and Antarctic coasts and even the seabed.

The “Scenic Eclipse” is a pioneer in its class, defined by the owners as the “world’s first discovery yacht”. This is a ship Jules Verne would have loved for its capacity to reach destinations most people have ever only seen on TV documentaries.

This 168-metre, 17,000 gross tonne super-luxury cruiser in mega-yacht format, with a beam of 21.5 metres, will incorporate the latest novelties in naval design and technology. Although intended for an exclusive clientele (carrying 228 passengers in 114 luxury suites), the ship will be adapted to withstand the most demanding conditions – storms, extreme temperatures, ice, etc. The icebreaker-like reinforced hull, special stabilisers to smooth large swells and duplicated critical ship systems will all ensure maximum passenger safety.

The vessel will be fitted with two helicopters, a seven-seater submarine, Zodiacs, diving equipment and kayaks to offer passengers a unique experience discovering different marine and coastal environments. The “Scenic Eclipse” will also be adapted to minimise impact on protected environments, using a system that will allow it to remain stationary without an anchor, and energy systems that minimise emissions.

Together with its six-star suites, the ship will have services comparable to those of a super-luxury hotel: restaurants serving international cuisine, a butler service, a 240-seat conference room, gyms and a heated swimming pool with retractable roof.

The marine and off-shore division of the leading certification and classification firm, Bureau Veritas, will be responsible for certifying the ship to the strictest safety criteria.

The owner, Scenic, is company founded in 1987 by Glen Moroney, specialising in luxury cruisers. It already operates twenty rivergoing cruisers in Europe, Russia and South East Asia. Created in the environs of the city of Melbourne, the firm soon began to diversify, and it entered the river cruise scenic market in 2008. The company has 400 employees, a fleet of 21 ships, and annual turnover of around 40 million dollars.

Scenic Eclipse Build Update

Scenic Eclipse Update As you will see, the build is progressing well with interior and exterior completion on schedule. However, the situation with Uljaniks Shipyards financial challenges remains, which has an ongoing impact on their part of the ships systems commissioning works. Despite the Shipyards financial challenges the quality of workmanship is exceptional and there are many pleasant surprises in store. The on board team recruited early last year have been working constantly, despite the delays, to ensure the on board experience will match the standard of the ship. Our two helicopters have been delivered and the submarine took its first test dive in December.Although this has been an extremely challenging time both Karen and I, as well as the entire Eclipse team, cannot wait till you, our guests, experience Scenic Eclipse first hand. It will be everything we’ve promised and much more. We greatly appreciate your valued support during this period and I will provide a further update by mid-February.Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of the Scenic Group

Publicada por Scenic en Martes, 22 de enero de 2019